Import Conversions


We specialise in electrical conversion of campervans, rv's, caravans, pop tops, 5th wheelers,equine vehicles, etc, that have been imported from the UK, USA, Australia, Europe and Japan.  


To be able to connect your vehicle to the NZ electrical mains system and to be legally compliant you need to obtain an electrical WOF (warrant of fitness).  


We can do all relevant work to achieve this.


Electrical conversions can involve the following:

  • re-cabling of non compliant cable
  • installing nz compliant power points
  • replacing switchboards
  • installing compliant RCBO's
  • upgrading earthing
  • issuing electrical code of compliance
  • obtaining electrical warrant of fitness
  • installation of tv/dvd/sky/stereo/satelitte/solar 
  • tail light re-wiring 
  • hand brake installation for 5th wheelers
  • gps trackers



To establish your individual import conversion requirements please contact us during business hours on (09) 412 8022 or 0274 723 362.